Ross TenEyck (ross_teneyck) wrote in snarkoleptics,
Ross TenEyck


Does anyone other than me find the last few PVP strips (7/28, 7/29, 7/30) more than a little disturbing?

So yes, it's Scott Kurtz, and one should expect him to periodically walk up to a line and then leap over it with both feet while shouting loudly.

But still, the "Family Troll" strips grate on me anyway. I mean, Family Circus is cloying and wields the "Christian family values" hammer with a heavy hand, I won't deny that. But to go from there to "crazed fundamentalist psychos" seems like an awfully long reach even for the purposes of parody, and childishly mean-spirited to boot.

I should know better than to let Kurtz bug me, I really should, but for some reason this sequence is getting under my skin.

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