redneckgaijin (redneckgaijin) wrote in snarkoleptics,

You Had Me and You Lost Me: PvP

(holds up the "Not Eric" sign)

I used to find PvP funny.

Then I began to get annoyed at how Scott Kurtz didn't merely attract 'Net drama, he sought it out, egged it on, provoked it, and extended it beyond the bounds of even most net trolls' need to infuriate others.

But I didn't mind, because he still drew a cool strip.

Then I found myself no longer so eager to seek out the next update, because... well... the strip just wasn't all that funny anymore, for whatever reason.

But there was enough funny to justify occasional glances, so I left it in my daily trawl.

Until today, when I caught up with the Comicon storyline.

In which Brent Sienna decides to propose to Jade Fontaine in the coolest manner he can think of, by rescuing her from stormtrooper cosplayers.

Which plan requires that he organize Jade's kidnapping, imprisonment against her will, forced dressing in a Princess Leia costume...

... um, no.

To me, at least, this isn't even funny. This isn't even an interesting misunderstanding or miscommunication. This is a deliberate mistreatment of the person a character claims to love above all others for the sole purpose of self-gratification. It's not that Brent had Jade kidnapped- if he'd done it for evil or venal reasons, such as getting even with Jade for getting to go to all the movie previews at the con, I'd just boo and hiss at Brent and go on. It's the fact that Brent somehow thinks doing this is a demonstration of his love that wrecks it. This isn't silly, this isn't wacky, this isn't hijinks.

This is sick and twisted shit.

And it pushes so many of my personal buttons that it completely destroys not only the enjoyment of the current storyline, but the entire strip. I just don't have time in my life to follow a strip where a character that imprisons the one he loves just so he can look good when he releases her is portrayed as a sympathetic and positive and silly character.

Other people find PvP very, very funny. A lot of other people, obviously- Scott Kurtz is one of the most successful businessmen in webcomics. I have no doubt that the strip will do things in the future even I find funny. It might even do great things.

But it'll do them without me reading. This storyline has tainted the well for me, and whatever little interest I had remaining in reading the strip has been overwhelmed by a revulsion from even looking at Kurtz's artwork in any venue.

Your mileage may vary, folks, but PvP Had Me and it Lost Me.

(And, with download times being what they are, that's ten minutes I have back every day for other things. Like, say, Questionable Content...)

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