Starline Xiomara Hodge (starline) wrote in snarkoleptics,
Starline Xiomara Hodge

Violent Women

When I was in middle school I used to hit the boys that offended me all the time. I told my mom about it and she would say, "Sta, ya betta stop that because one day one of dem boys might hit ya back." I ignored her at first, but then as I was about to smack one of my friends again, I thought about it. What if so and so would hit me back? I hit him first, so technically, he'd have a right to hit me back as hard as I hit him. So I stopped (well, I mostly resorted to tickle pokes and mild shoves, which the boys would do back).

Now, I love Questionable Content. It's snarky and funny. But I'm having a problem with the violent tendencies of the ladies in the comic. Whenever the boys say or do something stupid, they get threatened with a beat down or actually get hit. I know its a cliched thing to do in a lot of comics and cartoons. It's 'normal'.

But honestly, what if those genders were reversed? What if Martin threatened Faye with a beat down when she says something inappropriate or stupid? Not so funny anymore, right? It's just really insulting to both genders because it implies that violent girls don't really hurt anyone anyway, and that guys deserve to be hit when they say something stupid. And I don't think Marten likes to be hit by the ladies, cause otherwise he'd intentionally say things that would make them want to hit him. And even when Faye starts to feel guilty about hitting him, the other girls pretty much tell her it doesn't matter because he's willing to take the abuse.

- Let both genders threaten violence and make it fair. (I'm sure Faye could take a punch from Marten. It'd be a heck of a brawl.)
- Find a better way, to tell the offending person that they are offensive.
-Keep it the way it is, but don't let the threat of violence be the punchline or joke. (Unless both genders are doing so.)

(But also, in the defense of Faye, she uses or threatens everyone with violence when they act stupid. And its more of a character issue than a "I'm a girl so I can get away with it" issue.)

I only thought of this today because Sven has been threatened to be punched twice in a row for acting stupid, and I kept thinking why are they even wasting their time with him.
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