Flower Of December (baileyflower) wrote in snarkoleptics,
Flower Of December

Because I am nothing if not a literate geek

Deep down as a webcomics obsessed fool, I am still capable of the sort of childishness that starts arguements about wether or not Hulk could take down wolverine, but as a Websnark fan I like to see myself as more intellectual than that. Which brings me to the question

Who would win in a ffight between Oscar Wilde and F Scott Fitzgerald

My money is on Fitzgerald. Wilde has the wit to launch a whole lot of scathing attacks, but I think they won't cut Francis very deep. His wordplay is filled with wild entendres and twisty inuendoes that could provide a sharp defense against Fitzgerald's relentless assault.

In the end though, Fitzgerald has America, not as a place but as an idea. The desperate scrambling of that dream that he knows in his heart to be a lie. That sort of shit hardens a man.

Other factors to consider are the juxtaposition of Scotch vs Absinthe and the effects of both on fighting, with Scots being stereotypically thuggish and absinthe drinkers being stereotypically efette wankers.

Wilde also has experience of being in prison but history shows that he didn't develop the brutality of the institutionalized, but instead was worn down, defeated and utterly destroyed by it.

Fitzgerald all the way, baby!
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